Ms. Joanna Rechnio-Haciuk

I’ve been the Preschool principal for the last 11 years.

I graduated from the University of Warsaw, completing MA in French Philology with teacher’s training, and postgraduate studies in Early Years Education in English at the Faculty of Pedagogy, Warsaw University. I also completed Management in Education postgraduate studies. I also completed Early Years and Elementary Education 3-9, including Special Educational Needs.

I spent 4 consecutive years in London, where I have been teaching in multicultural preschools, among others in the Parsons Green Prep School in Fulham&Chelsea. My stay in the United Kingdom allowed me to complete several courses such as Food safety, First Aid, Efficient use of interactive boards, of which the most complex was Using the new Early Years Foundation Stage course, as well as to obtain a Qualified Teacher Status from The General Teaching Council of England in 2006.

Upon my return to Poland in 2008, I was employed by The Canadian School of Warsaw and I’ve loved it since then. In order to become a member of an IB community, I successfully completed 5 workshops (Making the PYP happen, Teaching and Learning in the PYP, Pedagogical leadership in the PYP, Action in the PYP and Concept-based Learning).


Ms. Kamila Kozicka

My name is Kamila Kozicka and I am the Preschool office coordinator. I am a graduate of the English Institute, Warsaw University, specialization: translation, with pedagogical qualifications.
My professional career has included working as a proofreader and editor in a publishing house; however, it was working in The Canadian School of Warsaw that enabled me to utilize my skills in full.
I have worked at The Canadian School since 2006, first as the Elementary School office coordinator when I had a chance to participate in one of the IB trainings Making the PYP happen.
Afterwards, I worked as the Middle School office coordinator, and since 2013 I have had a genuine pleasure to be a member of The Canadian Preschool team.


Gosia 04

Teacher / Polish Curriculum Coordinator: Ms. Małgorzata Rzetelska

I graduated from the University of Warsaw with major in Early Childhood Education and English Philology.
I participated in trainings such as: Child Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, methodological workshops for English lecturers, a series of meetings for teachers titled ‘New Age of Inquirers’ based on PYP concepts, PYP workshops: Making the PYP happen, Assessment in the PYP and Concept-based Learning.
My professional practice includes working in preschools as well as in a primary and secondary school. During that time I was a homeroom teacher of a group of 2-3 year olds, which was a very unforgettable, joyful and fulfilling experience. It made me realize just how satisfying teaching can be.
I have worked in The Canadian Preschool since July 2012 as the Juniors’ co-teacher and the Smilies’ homeroom teacher, and this school year I have the pleasure to be the Smilies’ homeroom teacher.

Teacher: Ms. Megan van Vliet

I am originally from South Africa and graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Social Work degree. I have also completed a 140 hour Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate.
Before moving to Poland to be a teacher, I had lived in the Netherlands and in Sweden as an au pair. I’ve also worked with children in counselling and other teaching settings in South Africa. Apart from working with children, I love to travel and experience different cultures and learn new languages. History, photography, and science are some of my other interests.
Children have always been a big part of my life in one way or another; and it was during my time at university that my passion for education and children was reaffirmed. I love spending time with children and seeing the world through their eyes, but also helping to inspire, in them, a love for curiosity and learning.

Teacher: Mr. James Giblin

My name is James Giblin and I was born in the North West of England. I spent several years living in Wales where I completed an undergraduate degree in History at Bangor University. Upon returning to England, I gained a Masters in Medieval History from the University of Manchester. Since graduating, I have been working at a school in Warrington, fulfilling various roles across several age groups. In preparation for my move to Poland, I completed a 150 Hour Advanced TEFL course.

Teacher: Ms. Ritu Khurana

My name is Ritu Khurana and I was born and raised in India. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and later completed Master’s in Commerce. I also graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. In addition I have Diploma in “Nursery Teacher Training” from “All India Early Childhood Care and Education” and “Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning”. I have 6 years of experience in education. I began my career as a math teacher in India. I have also taught in one of the reputed schools in Bangalore, India as an English Literature teacher for two years. One year ago I moved to Poland. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of the team at The Canadian Preschool of Warsaw as Smilies’ and this year – Juniors’ Homeroom Teacher. I have completed the online course of Making the PYP happen.

Teacher: Ms. Donalyn Serra

This year I will be Juniors’ homeroom teacher and I come from the Philippines. I am a native speaker of both English and Tagalog. My university education is a Bachelors’ degree from Science in Medical Technology. Later on I added a certificate course in Caregiving; my studies during this course included child care and care for individuals with special needs. In 2009 I completed an international TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), and I have completed 3 training courses for the Primary Years Program (PYP) for IBO: Teaching and Learning in the PYP, Action in the PYP, Concept-based Learning and  Assessment in the PYP.
I have been a part of The Canadian Preschool of Warsaw since 2010.

Teacher: Ms. Paulina Ptasińska

I come from Warsaw and I joined our Preschool team at the beginning of 2017. However, this year will be my third year as a co-teacher in Seniors, I am also a Polish teacher in Seniors Advanced.

I graduated from Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education in Warsaw with a Master’s degree in Early Years Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Special Educational Needs, specialization: Pedagogy of Blindness and Visual Impairments and Pedagogy of Creativity. I also took part in additional lectures such as: Society, Social Inequality and Social Change, Child Protection. I am a trained camp counselor, as well. During my studies I had an opportunity to work with children in many different schools and institutions, from kindergartens to junior high schools, also in special needs schools.

I have completed the IB workshop: Making the PYP happen in the early years.

I’m very excited about this school year and more than ready to help our little heroes make new discoveries and let their creativity thrive!

Teacher: Ms. Kateryna Wajda

I have been working at The Canadian Preschool since October 2015. I started as a substitute assistant for all the groups. I was born in Ukraine. When I was six we moved to Poland. Therefore, I understand what it’s like to be an expat.

I graduated from the University of Warsaw with Bachelor‘s degree in Russian studies with pedagogical qualifications. To learn more about child behavior and psychology, I decided to study at the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw. I achieved a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. This year I will be a Seniors Co-teacher.

I am also Juniors’, Seniors’ and Seniors’ Advanced chess teacher. One year ago I finished a chess course, so I will do my best to help develop your child’s logical thinking skills.

Teacher: Ms. Kinga Kłoczko

My name is Kinga Kłoczko. I graduated from the Cardinal Wyszynski University with a Bachelor’s degree in Preschool/Elementary Education with Special Educational Needs. In September 2018, I started Master’s studies related to pedagogical therapy.

To broaden my knowledge, I took part in the ‘Modern Teacher’ project. The project involved workshops, courses, project classes and study visits. Among others: workshops with dr. Kevin Spencer – the creator of the Hocus Focus method, workshops on modern methods in education: ‘Universal design in didactics’, ‘Information and communication technologies in education’, ‘English for teachers’, ‘Project-based and workshop-based method in school practice’, ‘Morality and empathy in the teacher’s work’, ‘Animation of play’, ‘In someone else’s shoes – working on methods to develop empathy’ – a project in an educational center, workshops on fairy tale therapy.

During my studies I took part in theatre workshops: ‘How to introduce preschoolers to the world of the visually impaired’ and participated in many additional conferences. I have completed a first aid course for children and a course for a camp counsellor. I have completed professional training in preschools, schools and special schools. I also gained childcare experience by working as a babysitter, camp counsellor, animator and volunteer.

I joined the Preschool team in March 2018. I started as a substitute teacher and common room teacher. For two years, I have had the pleasure to work as a preschool teacher and special needs teacher.

Teacher: Ms. Aliaksandra Kozik

I was born and raised in Belarus. I graduated from Vitebsk State University with a Bachelor’s degree in English and music education in 2013. During and after my studies, l had the opportunity to work with children.
In 2015 I decided to move to Poland to further my education. Last year, I graduated from the Higher School of Tourism and Foreign Languages with a Master’s degree and also finished TEFL pedagogical training.
I began to work in preschool three years ago. It is a great pleasure for me to be a member of the Canadian Preschool of Warsaw.

Glyza 02

Teacher: Ms. Glaiza Velasquez

This is going to be my sixth year at the Canadian Preschool of Warsaw. I come from the Philippines and am a Spanish Filipino. I am bilingual: I speak both English and Tagalog.
I arrived in Poland for my studies and I have enjoyed it so much, especially working as an assistant at The Canadian Preschool that I decided to stay in Poland for a longer period of time. In Poland I have finished a company training concerning basic medicine and medical products, which allowed me to work as an assistant at medical congresses combined with vascular and heart surgery. I study Polish language and culture (I speak Polish on level B2).
Lately, I graduated from the Higher School of Tourism and Foreign Languages with a Bachelor’s degree in English Philology and also finished TEFL pedagogical training.

Teacher: Ms. Vita Tsymbaliuk

I was born and raised in Ukraine. Since I went to university I started working as a private tutor of English to students of different age groups. I graduated from Chernivtsi National University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Phililogy in 2017, and then I made a decision to move to Poland to continue my studies at University of Social Sciences. In 2019 I graduated with a Master’s Degree in the same field. It is the third year of me being a member of the Canadian Preschool of Warsaw and working with children of different age groups here, gives me a versatile teaching experience.

Teacher: Ms. Karolina Dziewulska

I graduated from Department of Education of University of Warsaw and achieved a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Teaching English to Young Learners.
I have worked in our Preschool since February 2011. I started as an assistant for the Smilies and Juniors groups, and then for the Seniors. Before my maternity leave I was the Smilies homeroom teacher.
I am ready and fully qualified to implement Primary Years Programme in our preschool. I attended three PYP workshops: Making the PYP happen, Teaching and learning in the PYP, Action in the PYP.

Kasia Preschool 02

Teacher: Ms. Katarzyna Kuźmińska (maternity leave)

I graduated from the Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education in Warsaw in and I have a Master’s degree in Glottodidactics and Early Education with English. During my studies I had an opportunity to gain some teaching practice in London. Since I am very interested in models of educational leadership and management, I completed post-graduate studies at Politics and Administration of Education at the University of Warsaw.
I highly appreciated participating in International Baccalaureate teacher-training workshops such as: Making the PYP happen, Teaching and learning in the PYP, Action in the PYP and Concept-Based Learning.
I joined the CSoW team nine years ago and since then I have worked with Smilies groups. Before my maternity leave I was Juniors K’s homeroom teacher and Seniors’ Polish teacher.



French – Ms. Margot Nowak

My name is Margot Nowak. I am from Fribourg in Switzerland, and a graduate of Warsaw University Center for Foreign Language Teacher Training and European Education UW in the field of Philology.
I have accumulated considerable experience at teaching French to children. I am part of the French Association in Poland. I have taught at the Polish-French Society and, as a homeroom teacher at a state school, I was responsible for the education of more than a hundred children at all grade levels. For the last eight years I have been working as a French teacher in the CSW.
I started my adventure in Preschool five years ago. I participated in IB trainings and methodological workshops such as Action in the PYP, Concept-Based Learning and Assessment in the PYP.
I still develop my skills in the Institute of Applied Linguistics (ILS), University of Warsaw, which is an independent research and training unit, educating translators, linguists and foreign language teachers.

Music&Rhythmics – Mr. Coki Marquez

I was born in Chile into a family of musicians. From a very young age I developed an interest for music and singing, at twelve I began learning traditional music. Because of my family’s cultural popularity in the midst of a military dictatorship, we were exiled to France in the early 80’s.

I rapidly began to study music in my city’s conservatory and soon became specialized in classic percussion. While still very young, I became a professional musician.

This led me to learn other types of music genres for which I studied Cuban and African percussion in Cuba and in France. I also became a composer and musical arranger in various styles, and created several musical productions. This all led me to be examined by the SACEM, a French society of composers, and to receive my certificate as such.

Somewhere along the way I discovered my passion for teaching, particularly children. In 2001-2002 I studied Music Therapy at the International Center for Music Therapy (C.I.M) after which I created a method called Vocal Resonance Therapy with which I have been working since 2017.

I am passionate about holistic teaching for children, I taught at The Canadian Elementary School from 2015 to 2017 and am very happy to now be teaching Preschool.

The earlier musical awakening and teaching begin, the more profound their benefits can be for children in their daily lives, giving them the opportunity to grow more confidently within themselves and to better develop their creative minds beyond limits.

I could write pages about the lifetime walking the path of music that remains recorded in my heart, with these words I will just say how much I love teaching and seeing the spark in the eyes of children as they marvel at sounds, instruments and musical notes.

Art – Ms. Hanna Zwierzchowska

My name is Hanna Zwierzchowska and I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Interior Design Department and Art Pedagogy Department) with a Master’s degree.

Currently I work in cooperation with three major cultural institutions in Warsaw: Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art and National Institute of Architecture and Urbanism, where I am part of education teams.

Beside working in education I am an active artist occupied mostly by painting and design. I have been a multiple scholar in and outside of Poland: student at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna in Italy (Erasmus Programme), designer of ceramics in Portugal (Leonardo da Vinci Programme), educational methods researcher at European museums (scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in Poland)

PSPE – Mr. Krzysztof Michałowski

My name is Krzysztof Michałowski and I graduated from Academy of Physical Education and Sports in Gdańsk with a Master’s degree.
I used to play for Polonia Bydgoszcz and Brda Bydgoszcz (Junior football teams).

I have been a Physical Education teacher at The Canadian School of Warsaw and The Canadian Preschool of Warsaw since 2015. I have completed a pediatric first aid training, I am also a Lacrosse instructor and skiing instructor.


Ms. Marta Żysko-Pałuba

My name is Marta Żysko-Pałuba and I am a graduate of the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities and postgraduate psychotherapeutic studies certified by the Polish Psychiatric and Psychological Association. I enrich my knowledge in the field of psychotherapy by learning the latest methods of psychotherapy aimed at working with children, teenagers and adults, participating in numerous conferences and trainings. I have been an active academic teacher at the Pedagogical University in Warsaw for years.

I gain experience while conducting private psychological practice, organizing educational workshops for teaching staff, training for parents and group therapy for children based on the method of fairy tale therapy and other modern solutions. I am a consultant of some TVN productions, including ‘Strict Parents’, ‘Secrets of Surgery’, ‘Perfect Nanny’, ‘Mom vs. Mom’ and ‘Masterchef Junior’, as well as a frequent guest on TV programs ‘Dzień dobry TVN’, ‘Rozmowy w toku’, ‘Kawa czy Herbata’ TVP 1, ‘Pytanie na śniadanie’ TVP 2 and TVN 24.

Within my psychological practice, I consult, advise, diagnose and conduct psychotherapy (I specialize in anxiety disorders, selective mutation, OCD disorders, depression, shyness, reduced self-esteem, divorce, behavioral disorders, learning difficulties, dyslexia, bedwetting, and other parenting problems).

Privately, I am a mother of 18-year-old Klara and 8-year-old Laura and an enthusiast and active participant of sports such as running, sailing and skiing.


Ms. Anna Wysocka

My name is Anna Wysocka and I am the school nurse. I have worked at The Canadian School of Warsaw since 2005 in both preschool and elementary school.
I have a Master’s degree in Nursing from the Medical University of Warsaw and also a Master’s degree in Pedagogy from the University of Humanities and Economics in Łódź.
I have also completed postgraduate studies in Psycho-Dietetics at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw.