//Noble Gift (Slachetna Paczka)

Noble Gift (Slachetna Paczka)

Once again, at this special time of the year, The CSW Community joined the Noble Gift (Szlachetna Paczka) national charity drive, to do everything in our power and help those, whose Christmas perspectives may not be all that cheerful.

Thanks to your kindness, generosity and caring nature we have managed to collect a multitude of items from the chosen family’s list, such as microwave oven, laptop, kitchen equipment, toys, games, cosmetics, clothes, stationery, food, etc.

A huge ‘Thank You’ goes to all the families who participated in our annual donation. We are extremely grateful and proud of such an incredible reaction to this charity call. All of the donations have now been sorted, packed and delivered to the family in need. Let us tell you- due to everyone’s great effort we cannot say it wasn’t a lot of work! Which- obviously!- we could not be any happier doing 🙂

Hopefully our community effort will make someone’s Christmas time a lot more festive! <3

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