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for school year 2019/2020


1. The preschool is located at 53 Ignacego Krasickiego St. in Warsaw.

2. The preschool is established, run and supervised by Kanadyjska Szkoła Podstawowa sp. z o.o. located at 7 Bełska St., 02-638 Warsaw.

3. The preschool is entered to the Directory of Public and Non-Public Schools under number 398/PN/15.

4. These Rules along with the Statute constitute the fundamental legal instrument regulating the activities of the preschool.

No other rules established on the basis hereof may run counter to these Rules.


1. The objectives and tasks of the preschool are to:
• care for children aged 3-6 and to ensure their safety and optimal conditions for appropriate development,
• stimulate the all-round development of the children,
• stimulate and foster their activity,
• prepare them for schoolwork,
• teach them to be tolerant of different cultures and nationalities,
• ensure appropriate learning conditions by providing, among others, appropriate equipment and furnishings on the premises and in the playground and keeping them in due hygienic condition,
• hire appropriate staff and care, to the extent possible, for their professional development and improving their qualifications with a view to the benefits the children may derive.


1. The preschool is divided into 3 age-appropriate grade levels for children aged 3, 4 and 5 years of age, respectively.
2. With the consent of the Principal and the Managing Board, the preschool may admit children aged above 2½ years of age.
3. The siblings of children currently attending the pre/school have priority when applying for the preschool.
4. The children admitted to the preschool should be able to communicate physiological needs.
5. Conditions for enrolling in and attending the preschool:
• completion of the admission form,
• signing of the agreement on education,
• payment of a non-refundable one-time admission fee (for details, see the tariff),
• completion of the medical form,
• submission by each parent or legal guardian of a copy of his or her ID document.
6. Admission to the preschool is conditioned on the parents first signing an agreement setting out the detailed terms of the child’s stay in the preschool as well as the amount and terms of payment.
7. The preschool shall admit healthy children. Due to reasons of safety, every special health need (allergy, asthma, etc.) requires prior arrangements with the Principal.
8. Admission shall be conducted all year round, subject to places being available.
9. If there is no place left, children can be enrolled on the reserve list.
10. Children attending the preschool shall have priority when applying for The Canadian Elementary School of Warsaw.


1. The preschool shall be open from Monday to Friday, from 7.45 am to 6.00 pm.
2. From 7.45 till 9 am and 4 to 6 pm children shall be in the care of the common room teachers (Smilies M and Smilies K classrooms).
3. Parents or guardians arriving in the preschool shall be obliged to confirm the child’s presence by signing him/her in.
4. After being accepted, the child shall remain in the constant care of teachers until he/she is picked up by an authorized person.
5. Pick up from the preschool must also be confirmed by the legal guardian signing the child out.
6. Children can only be picked up by parents or legal guardians. With their written consent, the child can be picked up by a named authorized adult.
7. The preschool shall employ a security guard to monitor its premises and ensure that no unauthorized persons can enter.
8. The preschool shall employ a nurse and shall have a school psychologist at its disposal for cases requiring his/her intervention.
9. The children attending the preschool shall be insured.
10. If an accident occurs on the premises, the preschool coordinator shall inform parents by telephone, while the nurse or the main teacher shall provide first aid.
11. Parents are under obligation to provide their emergency contact numbers and report any changes regarding contact details.
12. Parents are under obligation to read and observe the provisions of the Health&Safety Procedures.
13. Parents are under obligation to remove the child from the preschool if his/her health condition so requires.
14. Parents of children who exhibit excessively aggressive behaviour and hyperactivity which jeopardizes the safety of their own life and health or that of other children or the personnel shall be asked to consult a child psychologist.


1. Classes shall be conducted in English.
2. The preschool curriculum shall be set by the main teacher after prior approval by the PYP coordinator.
3. The curriculum should take into account the varied needs and gifts of students and may, if necessary, be modified.
4. The curriculum shall meet the IBO programme standards.
5. The Managing Body shall employ 2 or 3 teachers having requisite professional qualifications for the groups of 3-year-old children, depending on the number of children in a group, and 2 teachers for each group of 4-year-old and 5-year-old children.
6. Preschool graduates shall be entitled to classes in: English literacy, reading, mathematics, natural science, personal and social education, arts, music and dance, French, and physical education as part of the Primary Years Programme.
7. 5-year-old children shall meet the preschool readiness requirement in accordance with the Polish Ministry of Education programme guidelines and shall be subjected to the School Readiness Diagnosis.


1. The preschool shall, to the extent possible, organize extra activities.
2. Extra activities shall be organized having regard to the interests of students and the expectations of parents.
3. The proposed activities may include, without limitation, learning Karate, Pottery, Zumba, Ballet, Soccer Club, Spanish, Chinese, Chess Club, Art Atelier, Mini French Atelier, and Piano.
4. Extra activities shall be organized subject to payment in full by parents (legal guardians) and their written approval.
5. Payments for extra activities are made on a monthly basis in accordance with the tariff for the given preschool year.
6. The persons conducting extra activities should possess appropriate qualifications.
7. The timetabling of extra activities shall be done at the start of each school year or semester.


1. Parents may submit proposals and comments concerning educational programmes and preventive medicine and health promotion programmes and join in the organization of special events.
2. Parents are under obligation to read preschool releases and announcements.
3. Teachers shall regularly send a weekly letter to parents containing class-related information.
4. Teachers shall use the preschool email address for correspondence with parents.
5. Parents may approve the publication of their children’s photos on the preschool’s website.
6. Meetings with parents shall be held at least every 8 weeks (in the form of a conference involving children, organizational meetings and one-to-one meetings).
7. The preschool’s administration office shall inform parents at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled date of parent-teacher meetings.
8. The preschool work schedule shall be made available to parents before the school year starts.


1. Two class trips shall be organized as part of the tuition fee.
2. If extra trips are organized during one year, the cost of the trips shall be met in full by the parents.
3. During trips, there shall be a ratio of at least one responsible adult per 10 children.
4. Teachers and accompanying responsible adults shall not bear the costs of admission tickets.
5. The bus for transporting children must be duly marked and have seat belts.
6. The records evidencing the costs of a trip may be viewed by parents upon request.
7. The charge for a trip cannot be refunded due to the absence of a child if prepaid booking had to be made far in advance.


1. The preschool shall offer meals to children, which are not included in the tuition fee, using the services of a catering firm.
2. Meals shall be adapted to the needs of children and shall be prepared with regard to children with allergies or on vegetarian diets.
3. The type of meal (breakfast, soup, main course or afternoon snack) shall be chosen by the parent in the form of a written declaration before the beginning of school year.
4. Parents shall be responsible for settling accounts with the catering firm, taking into account the number of days on which the child was absent from the preschool.
5. The weekly menu shall be emailed to parents on a regular basis.
6. Meals shall be served immediately upon delivery to the preschool.
7. Reusable cutlery and plates shall be used in the preschool.
8. All preschool employees shall have an updated medical record book and a record of negative bacteriological tests, available for inspection during any environmental health visit.
9. The preschool has signed a contract with a firm removing refuse and waste twice a week.


1. Students shall be disenrolled if:
• their parents or guardians failed to pay the admission fee or the tuition fee by the agreed date,
• their parents do not cooperate with the school in the educational process in the event of educational or behavioural problems.
2. Parents:
a) should, to the extent possible, actively participate in preschool life,
b) are under obligation to read the preschool Rules,
c) are under obligation to work closely with the preschool in the educational and learning process of their child,
d) shall contact the preschool on a regular basis for the purpose of obtaining information about the progress of their child and his or her classroom behaviour,
e) shall cooperate with teachers, the counsellor or preschool Principal if the child causes learning or educational problems,
f) during the interview, parents shall be obliged to inform the Principal in writing of the student’s psychological and educational problems and shall present appropriate psychological test certificates,
g) shall pay charges for care in a timely fashion.


1. The school’s financial resources shall be derived primarily from the charges paid for its students.
2. For each admitted student an admission fee is payable in advance on a one-off basis for the entire period of learning in the preschool. The level of the admission fee shall be determined by the Managing Body.
3. The school shall charge the tuition fee determined by the School Bodies by the 5th day of each month.
4. The tuition fee shall be collected by the school accountant or a person authorized by the Managing Body or shall be payable by bank transfer into the school’s bank account.
5. The tuition fee shall cover all curricular activities, but not extracurricular activities.
6. Parents shall pay the tuition fee in full during any period of absence of the child from the preschool.
7. The tuition fee for the entire school year is paid in ten equal installments. One-off payment of the annual fee entitles to 7% discount.
8. Parents shall cover the cost of textbooks, notebooks, and art supplies necessary for implementing PYP and Polish curriculum.
9. Collecting children after 6 pm will result in paying the late fee of 40 PLN directly to the teacher waiting for the parent.


1. The school year shall be divided into two semesters. The second semester at the preschool shall commence on the first day following the end of the winter break.
2. At the preschool, all public holidays shall constitute days off on which no activities are conducted.
3. In addition to days off due to Polish public holidays, the school shall celebrate international holidays.
4. Detailed organization of teaching, education and care in a given school year shall be determined in the school’s calendar for the year.
5. Following the end of the school year, the preschool shall organize summer classes, which are conducted for the first ten working days from 9.00 am to 4 pm.
6. The preschool may organize classes and courses for parents.


1. Any matters not provided for herein shall be determined on the basis of binding provisions of law.
2. The detailed scope of duties of the preschool’s Principal, teachers and employees shall be determined in a separate document (the Statute).
3. The detailed scope of the Health&Safety Procedures, and Food/Birthday Party Policy shall be determined in separate documents.
4. These Rules shall be effective as of September 1, 2014.

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1. In case of visible symptoms:
• fever over 37,4°C,
• cough,
• sneezing,
• running nose with mucus or blocked nose,
• headache,
• rash, bumps,
• vomiting,
• pink eye (conjunctivitis),
• diarrhea,
• lice/nits,
• herpes,
parents will be notified immediately to collect their child from the preschool.
2. The student who is sick and taking medicine should remain at home until full recovery.
3. School nurse or other authorized preschool staff can administer Paracetamol only with parents’ written permission.
4. All preschool teachers have valid pediatric first aid training.
5. If the student suffers from chronic illness (e.g. asthma, allergy, diabetes) the parent is obliged to inform the teacher and the school nurse.
6. Teachers and other school employees are not authorized to administer any medicines other than Paracetamol.
7. If the student is not healthy enough to go outside during scheduled school activities he/she should remain at home.
8. After suffering from contagious disease or longer absence at school caused by other illness parents are obliged to provide medical certificate from the doctor concerning child’s health.
9. Every absence longer than 3 days should be reported to the school office (by email or telephone).
10. If a student suffers from: diarrhea, vomiting, fever he/she should remain at home for at least 24 hours for further observation.
11. If an antifebrile medicine needs to be administered to the student the preschool is obliged to inform the parents and note this fact in the nurse’s register.
12. In case of serious injuries or accidents the school is obliged to inform the parents and call an ambulance.
13. Students shall go outside daily, unless it’s very windy, rainy or the temperature is below -5 Celsius degrees.

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To download necessary documents click on the links below:

To download necessary documents click on the links below:

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