//2020/2021 – Let’s do it together!

2020/2021 – Let’s do it together!

It is time to come back to our regular, good old on-site learning finally!

After months of online learning you may feel both extremely excited AND pretty anxious for a variety of reasons. We can assure you that we are all experiencing quite a mix of emotions at the moment, but after spending weeks of working together on safety regulations, health & hygiene procedures, program tweaking and revising our Units of Inquiry, we can say with confidence, that we are ready to provide our beloved students with yet another year of exceptional educational experiences in a safe and exciting environment 🙂

We are sincerely counting on your cooperation, concerning all the introduced COVID-19 routines. Let’s look after each other and make sure that together we make this year go smoothly and that our  CSW Community can be an example of how to handle these unprecedented times with an open mind and an open heart <3

Happy New Academic Year 2020/2021! Let’s stay safe together!

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