Non-public Psycho-pedagogical Counseling Centre “Olimpia”

Non-public Psycho-pedagogical Counseling Centre ‘Olimpia’ was established on October 20th, 2014 and is located at 11 Olimpijska Street, Mokotów, Warsaw.
Its governing authority is Kanadyjska Szkoła Podstawowa Sp. z o.o. and it is supervised by The Mazovian Education Board in Warsaw.
The Centre operates by The Canadian School of Warsaw.

Our staff is a team of educators, Pedagogical Therapy specialists, therapists and psychologists.
We provide reliable and professional assistance, confidentiality and kindness.

The Centre offers services to children, parents and teachers – not only from The Canadian School of Warsaw but also every interested person.

You can contact us if your child has:

  • learning difficulties
  • poor handwriting
  • problems with reading comprehension
  • problems with peer relationships
  • personal and family issues
  • suffered violence
We offer activities such as:

  • pedagogical therapy:
    • corrective and compensatory classes
    • extra tuition for slow-learners or absentees
  • general development classes for 2-3- and 4-5-year-olds
  • classes for gifted students
  • mediation in conflict situations
  • music therapy
  • consultation, advice, workshops and training
Full psychological assessment (observation, clinical interview, psychological tests) including issuing an opinion Price of 1 meeting
Price for an opinion
140 PLN
150 PLN
Psychological assessment including issuing an opinion 2 x 60 mins 300 PLN
Pedagogical assessment including issuing an opinion 2 x 60 mins 300 PLN
Complementary assessment 2 x 45 mins 250 PLN
Psychological and pedagogical assessment and speech therapist’s consultation 1 x 40 mins* 200 PLN
Psychological, pedagogical and speech therapy 50 mins 70 PLN
Individual therapy 1 x 60 mins 100 PLN
Individual psychotherapy 50 mins 150 PLN
Psychologist’s consultation or advise 60-90 mins 150 PLN
Implementation and interpretation of an IQ test 90-120 mins 150 PLN
School mediations To be determined
Extra tuition for slow-learners or absentees: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, Polish or foreign language 50 mins 60 PLN
* We recommend two consultations: 1st meeting with parents (e.g. the interview), 2nd meeting with the child (we do not talk about children in their presence!).

We recommend beginning the assessment, therapy or other activities with an initial consultation. After an interview with the child and parents we arrange
our further cooperation. (50 PLN / 30 mins)

Furthermore, the Centre offers general development activities for 2-3-year-old or 4-5-year-old children in groups of 3 or 4. Duration: 4 x 60 mins. Cost: 170 PLN.

All group classes require payment in advance. It’s impossible to deduct classes if the child is absent.

Director of the Centre:
Iwona Nowakowska – educator, oligophrenopedagogue, therapist

Bogusława Fila-Kołodziejczak – educator, family educator, oligophrenopedagogue, reeducator
Maciej Sandomierski – psychologist

Secretary’s office
885 420 044
885 620 066

11 Olimpijska Street
02-636 Warsaw

Iwona Nowakowska
885 620 066

Bogusława Fila-Kołodziejczak

Piotr Sienkiewicz

Mateusz Bazgier

Joanna Miron