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The programme we offer is the following:


    • Curriculum realization in accordance with the New Core Curriculum, Regulation of the Ministry of National Education of June 8th, 2009,
    • Expanding the Polish core curriculum by the pre-IB programme, preparing for the continuation of education in high schools following the IB Diploma Programme,
    • A number of classes substantially larger than included in the MEN requirements,
    • Regular preparation for the Middle School examination and the final project in accordance with the new core curriculum,
    • Textbooks, materials and scripts expanding the scope of material included in the core curriculum.


Using the project method:

  • Preparation of transdisciplinary projects,
  • Preparation in English and Polish for the mandatory (MEN) final project at the end of the Middle School education.

Expansion of the programme by:

  • An increased number of hours of English language classes – 9 hours per week,
  • Preparation for the FCE and CEA language examinations,
  • Second modern language: French,
  • Programmes: Logomocja, Baltie, CarMetal, and Geogebra as an extension of ICT and Mathematics classes,
  • Free-of-charge Math and Science activities and workshops, among others at the Warsaw University,
  • Science clubs upgrading knowledge in a given discipline – Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology, and others,
  • Artistic and sports clubs,
  • Olympiads, Board of Education subject contests, nationwide and international contests,
  • Complementary classes.
  • Preparation to language exams: FCE, CAE.
  • Extension of Polish core curriculum for science classes with the pre-IB program to prepare students for further study in high school classes with international final exam.

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