During the summer please contact the following offices on duty:

From 10th July to 21st July 2023 on matters concerning Preschool (on 17th and 18th July – also Elementary School), please contact Ms Kamila Kozicka at Krasickiego 53, tel. +48 697 979 100, e-mail:

From 10th to 14th July and from 19th July to 1st August 2023 on matters concerning Elementary School (from 24th July – also Preschool), please contact Ms Iwona Wojacka at Olimpijska 11, tel. +48 885 420 044, e-mail:

From 2nd August to 18th August 2023 on matters concerning Elementary School and Preschool, please contact Ms Katarzyna Kurowska at Bełska 7, tel. +48 692 411 573, e-mail:

All offices return to regular work on 21st August 2023.

Thank you and have a lovely summer time!