//‘Dzielą nas tylko kilometry’ – from CSW to Sudan

‘Dzielą nas tylko kilometry’ – from CSW to Sudan

Ladies and gentlemen, dear CSW Community,

We are proud to inform you that The Canadian School of Warsaw is joining the program “We are only kilometres away”.
The project will consist of establishing a relationship between schools from Poland, based on cultural exchange and willingness to help peers in a difficult material situation and joint concern for local environmental resources and civilization achievements.

In the first phase of the project, our history teacher Mr. Marcin Gostkowski will go to Sudan to know the needs of students from the Dongola area, where excavation works are being carried out by the Polish archaeological mission from the University of Warsaw. Next, we will organize a charity picnic in Warsaw and a series of workshops bringing Sudan culture closer to the participation of willing employees of the Mediterranean Archaeology Center, (building models of Sudan monuments, music workshops, presentation of customs, cuisine and art).
From the funds collected, during the fall season of the excavation mission in 2020 we could finance the purchase of school aid and organize a series of workshops for children in Sudan on local archaeological sites and environmental protection (partly run online by our students in English).

In the next stages of action, it is planned to organize funds for additional English lessons for the Sudanese and to prepare a book about child friendship from our countries.


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