My name is Monika Chandler. I am the founder of the Canadian School of Warsaw. In the year 2000 my husband and I started to search for a suitable, bilingual and multicultural school for our children. Since my husband is North American and I am Polish, we were very much in need of the perfect school incorporating international mindedness, strong curriculum standards with both Polish and North American programmes, a holistic approach, open-minded community, balanced and caring environment and all that at an affordable price! Just imagine how easy a task that was!

Finally, we found a small Canadian preschool and elementarny school located far away from our home. The school was cosy, friendly and filled with the perfect smiling faces of the Canadian teachers (all three of them). It was not all we had wished for, but our children were very happy and eager to learn every day. Sadly, just before Christmas, the school ceased to exist due to a complete parent revolution. There were two other Polish-Canadian families, just like us in a great deal of distress and faced with the very sad faces of the teachers left alone in a strange country in the middle of the school year. We couldn’t leave it that way…

The Canadian School of Warsaw was founded on February 14th, 2000 to cater for the bilingual educational needs of families with international origins. Our goal was, and continues to be, to provide high-quality education at affordable price. Starting with only five students, we have enjoyed rapid growth thanks to our good reputation, passion, care and excellent team of teachers. We now have 3 campuses: the Preschool at 53 Krasickiego Street near to the charming Dreszer Park, and the Elementary School at 7 Bełska Street and 11 Olimpijska Street.