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Health policy



1. In case of visible symptoms:
• fever over 37,4°C,
• cough,
• sneezing,
• running nose with mucus or blocked nose,
• headache,
• rash, bumps,
• vomiting,
• pink eye (conjunctivitis),
• diarrhea,
• lice/nits,
• herpes,
parents will be notified immediately to collect their child from the preschool.
2. The student who is sick and taking medicine should remain at home until full recovery.
3. School nurse or other authorized preschool staff can administer Paracetamol only with parents’ written permission.
4. All preschool teachers have valid pediatric first aid training.
5. If the student suffers from chronic illness (e.g. asthma, allergy, diabetes) the parent is obliged to inform the teacher and the school nurse.
6. Teachers and other school employees are not authorized to administer any medicines other than Paracetamol.
7. If the student is not healthy enough to go outside during scheduled school activities he/she should remain at home.
8. After suffering from contagious disease or longer absence at school caused by other illness parents are obliged to provide medical certificate from the doctor concerning child’s health.
9. Every absence longer than 3 days should be reported to the school office (by email or telephone).
10. If a student suffers from: diarrhea, vomiting, fever he/she should remain at home for at least 24 hours for further observation.
11. If an antifebrile medicine needs to be administered to the student the preschool is obliged to inform the parents and note this fact in the nurse’s register.
12. In case of serious injuries or accidents the school is obliged to inform the parents and call an ambulance.
13. Students shall go outside daily, unless it’s very windy, rainy or the temperature is below -5 Celsius degrees.

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