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The preschool is divided into 4 age-appropriate grade levels for children aged 3, 4, 5 and 6 years of age, respectively. With the consent of the Principal and the Managing Board, the preschool may admit children aged above 2½ years of age. The siblings of children currently attending the pre/school have priority when applying for the preschool. The children admitted to the preschool should be able to communicate physiological needs. Conditions for enrolling in and attending the preschool:

  • completion of the admission form,
  • signing of the agreement on education,
  • payment of a non-refundable one-time admission fee (for details, see the tariff),
  • completion of the medical form,
  • submission by each parent or legal guardian of a copy of his or her ID document.

Admission to the preschool is conditioned on the parents first signing an agreement setting out the detailed terms of the child’s stay in the preschool as well as the amount and terms of payment. The preschool shall admit healthy children. Due to reasons of safety, every special health need (allergy, asthma, etc.) requires prior arrangements with the Principal. Admission shall be conducted all year round, subject to places being available. If there is no place left, children can be enrolled on the reserve list. Children attending the preschool shall have priority when applying for The Canadian Elementary School of Warsaw.

Parents interested in enrollment are invited to visit the preschool with their child. Recruitment interviews and show-arounds take place every day from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am till 1.00 pm, as during these hours visitors can observe the actual teaching and learning  process. Please make an appointment prior to your visit: 697 979 100, 603 247 274, Thank you!