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Middle School Principal

Ms. Iwona Nowakowska

Middle School Office

Ms. Aleksandra Piotrowicz –

Subject Teachers


Mr. Maciej Łokietek

I graduated from the Polish Department in Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz. I am a qualified teacher and an examiner in elementary school and run training sessions for other teachers. In my career I have worked in both public and private schools. I have been working in the Canadian School of Warsaw since 2011 as a Polish and a  homeroom teacher. I prepare students for contests and olimpiads, and organize state exams in the school. In our school I am considered to be the guardian of the accurate Polish forms.

As a typical Gemini, I am interested literally in everything. Although in my free time I read, visit big European cities, study the musar movement, meet my friends, I may seem a bit boring at times (at least that’s what I think 😉 ).


Mr. Wendel Ernstzen

Ms. Karolina Kotorowicz-Jasińska

I have been a qualified English teacher for 12 years. In my teaching career I have worked with students of all age groups and at various levels of proficiency. In the Canadian School, where I have been working since 2012, I am primarily preoccupied with linguistic accuracy, trying to unravel the mysteries of English grammar to our students. I also prepare students for English contests, olympiads and international Cambridge exams.
I graduated from the ESL department at MCS University in Lublin. In my academic endeavours, both master and doctoral, I focused on the methodology of teaching English as a foreign language. For more than a year I have held a PhD degree in applied linguistics.

In my private life I am a mother of a 5-year-old, continuously trying to brush up my parenting skills. I love fiction, theatre and live music. I am also interested in healthy lifestyle and nutrition.  


Ms. Margot Nowak

‘I am from Fribourg in Switzerland, and a graduate of Warsaw University Center for foreign Language Teacher Training and European Education UW in the field of Philology.
I have accumulated considerable experience at teaching French to children. I am part of the French Association in Poland. I have taught at the Polish-French Society and, as a former homeroom teacher at a state school, I was responsible for the education of more than a hundred children at all grade levels. For the last three years I have been working as a French teacher in the CSoW.
I started my adventure in Preschool last year. I participated in IB trainings and methodological workshops such as Action in the PYP, and Concept-Based Learning.
I still develop my skills in The Institute of Applied Linguistics (ILS), University of Warsaw, is an independent research and training unit, educating translators, linguists and foreign language teachers.’


Mr. Dionizjusz Szymczykiewicz


Mr. Piotr Chlebus

‘I graduated from University of Warsaw in 2005 with a Master’s degree in Mathematics. For over seven years I had been working, mainly in Logistics in the private sector in Poland and in the UK. In 2015, after completing teaching training at Bath Spa University, I gained my Postgraduate Certification of Education in Secondary Mathematics. For a year I have been working as a Teacher of Mathematics and as a Supply Teacher in the Bristol area. In 2016 I took the opportunity to come back to Poland joining the Canadian School of Warsaw as a Teacher of Mathematics and Physics. I am a father of three. I play rugby and football whenever my wife lets me.’

Mr. Wendel Ernstzen

Ms. Krystyna Parys


Ms. Agnieszka Rodzik

I graduated from Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry in 2010 with a Master of Science in Engineering degree in chemistry. I have been a qualified chemistry teacher for 7 years. I have been working in the Canadian School of Warsaw since 2012 as a science and chemistry teacher.


Ms. Gabriela Wojciechowska

Technical Skills

Ms. Anna Zarębska-Słomka


Ms. Anna Dyś

Physical Education

Mr. Krzysztof  Michałowski

‘I graduated from Academy of Physical Education and Sports in Gdańsk with a Master’s degree.
I used to play for Polonia Bydgoszcz and Brda Bydgoszcz (Junior football teams).
I have been a Physical Education teacher at The Canadian School of Warsaw and The Canadian Preschool of Warsaw since 2015. I have completed a pediatric first aid training, I am also a Lacrosse instructor and skiing instructor.’


Ms. Sylwia Gibaszek


Ms. Anna Wysocka

I have worked at The Canadian School of Warsaw since 2005 in both preschool and elementary school.
I have a Master’s degree in Nursing from the Medical University of Warsaw and also a Master’s degree in Pedagogy from the University of Humanities and Economics in Łódź.
I am currently completing postgraduate studies in Psycho-Dietetics at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw.