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Student support service



To ensure that our students get the most from their education, we strive to provide a learning environment which allows for comprehensive, harmonious growth, both academically as well as socially.

At our school, there are a number of systems in place that provide support for our students, which help ensure that this ideal becomes a reality:

  • The Teachers’ Council ensures equal opportunities for all students and reflects on how best to support individual students
  • Teachers adapt to the academic and social needs of individuals to help them meet the requirements of the syllabus
  • All teachers attend regular meetings to discuss the progress of our students, as well as concentrate on the implementation of the PYP program
  • The school’s speech therapist is available for students on daily bases.

Following an evaluation made at the beginning of the school year – or upon joining our school at a later date – children can receive individual therapy sessions if recommended A school psychologist, working in conjunction with our school counselor, is also made readily available to students who require additional support Language support – in English, Polish and French – is offered, as is support of a student’s native language (detailed information regarding language support at our school is outlined in the document: Canadian School Language Policy, which can be found here.