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On January 6th, 2014 we officially became an authorized IB school!

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The decision to adopt the IB’s Primary Years Programme at our school, stems from a recognition that it encompasses many of the principles we have long held dear and sought to encourage: a positive attitude to learning and the acquisition of new skills, while developing children’s abilities to ask questions and seek satisfying answers. Likewise, both the IB and our school seeks to promote the values of mutual respect, tolerance and understanding toward individuals, groups and cultures in all communities.

A characteristic feature of the programme, is the division of the school year into six transdisciplinary themes:
· Who we are
· Where we are in place and time
· How we express ourselves
· How the world works
· How we organize ourselves
· Sharing the planet
These themes constitute the framework for disciplinary and transdisciplinary teaching and learning for children aged 3-10, while creating a base for acquiring concepts, skills, attitudes and creative action for the benefit of oneself and others.


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